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Vision: A Marketplace & Social Hub for Martinsburg


We envision transforming what is formally known as the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Martinsburg Shops into a vibrant marketplace and social hub while continuing to host historic edu-tainment attractions and community events, including concerts, trade shows, exhibits and other public activities,

We also are excited to serve as a potential hub for the envisioned pedestrian trail along Tuscarora Creek, which borders our treasured railroad heritage site.

The anticipated use of each of the principal buildings is as follows:

• Bridge and Machine Shop: The upper floor of this building is to be used as leased space for various activities. The overall intent is to generate an income stream to support ongoing operating expenses for the complex. The available rental space will be 8,000 to 9,000 square feet, depending on build-out requirements.
The ground floor of the building will house the year-round marketplace, with seasonal and year-round tenants, including a restaurant and retail similar to the Capitol Market in Charleston, W.Va. The intended target for potential tenants would be shops which are compatible with the heritage atmosphere of the facility.

• West Roundhouse: This building is to be maintained for tours and other heritage education activities and continue to be available as a special events venue.

• Frog and Switch Shop: The rear portion of the building, the Blacksmith Shop, is to be dedicated to museum space. 

• Miller Tower: This mechanically operated switching control station is relocated near the north entrance to the complex and is positioned to potentially operate the rail spur onto the property and provide an historic attraction where visitors can view rail traffic control as it once was.

• Car Shop: The south half of the building has been envisioned to be used for storage of equipment such as portable seating, turntable portable stage, chairs, tables, and maintenance equipment. The north half of the building is to house the complex maintenance and rail car restoration shop.

Long Range Plans

Ultimately, the historic rail heritage of the property will be emphasized. The center owns a circa-1925 B&O caboose and a Pennsylvania Railroad boxcar, and hopes to bring a locomotive to the site, which was named West Virginia's 16th National Historic Landmark in 2003. 

Created by an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1999, the Berkeley County Roundhouse Authority is a non-profit public corporation that oversees the preservation and adaptive reuse of the 13-acre property.  

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