The Roundhouse needs your help to continue to thrive. Whether you can give us a monetary donation or your time, your support is greatly appreciated. 

We always have a project for you to get involved with.


Your donations are crucial to the upkeep of the site's buildings and grounds of this National Historic Landmark.

Through your donations, the Roundhouse is also able to fund a variety of ongoing projects at the site, such as the restoration of our Penslyvannia Boxcar and Miller Tower. 


Your attendance at the Roundhouse is extremely valuable. Take a tour and learn the history of the area dating back to before the Civil War. Or attend one or more of our events such as; The "Ghostly Gala" our Halloween dance, and our "Great Train Raid" with entertaining reenactments of General and Mrs. Lee, Belle Boyd, Stonewall Jackson, and many more. 

The Roundhouse can use dedicated volunteers! You could become tour guides, work in our gift store, help with events, or with maintaining our grounds. We have many projects for those looking to get involved.


Take the opportunity to get involved become a Friend of the Roundhouse. There really is something here for everyone. Simply contact the Martinsburg Roundhouse through our contact page or message our Facebook page.